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In today’s rapidly changing media landscape, media organizations need to adapt quickly and be creative to generate revenue and continue reaching their audiences. For exiled media, these challenges are amplified due to the additional obstacles they face while operating from new locations. The JX Fund provides them with targeted support.


Strategic development is essential for the long-term success of media companies, but exiled media teams often struggle to find time for this amid their daily operational challenges. Matters are often complicated further with teams being spread over different countries or even continents. Our strategy coaching projects address this by organizing intensive workshops where media teams can convene, often for the first time in person since a long time, to collaboratively develop their strategic plans. These workshops, guided by experienced trainers, focus on various aspects such as audience strategy, team building, financial sustainability, and digital security.

During these sessions, teams conduct SWOT analyses, set strategic goals, and devise plans for community engagement and fundraising. By the end of the workshops, participants leave with actionable plans, clear timelines, and assigned responsibilities, ensuring a cohesive approach to their media operations. The outcomes of these strategic sessions are not only beneficial for immediate organizational improvements but also crucial for building a resilient and adaptable media presence in the long term.

“The benefits of this event are indisputable. Throughout the occasion, the staff gained deeper insights into the problems and challenges confronting the editorial office, allowing for a better understanding of directions for future development.”

Project participant


Understanding the target audience is crucial for any media outlet’s success, yet it poses a significant challenge especially for media in exile. These media outlets often struggle with the disruption of distribution channels and a rapidly shifting audience landscape due to political pressures and displacement. To address these issues, our audience research projects provide media outlets with the tools and insights needed to effectively reach and engage their audiences.

By collaborating with professional research teams, participating media outlets explore critical questions about audience demographics, preferences, and behaviors. This research helps media teams tailor their content and formats to better align with audience needs, identify new potential audiences, and explore monetization strategies.

“The conducted research enabled the media to more precisely focus on its target audience and understand which channels for disseminating information were most effective. As a result, they optimized their activities for distributing materials on social networks and diversified the thematic direction of website publications according to preferences expressed by respondents during interviews conducted with focus group participants.”

Project participant