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For most exiled media professionals, working in their new location often begins in makeshift and inadequate environments, leading to significant disruptions in the production process over time.


In recent years, Berlin has emerged as a crucial hub for independent media in exile. Hundreds of journalists have relocated to Germany, where they continue their work. Among them, many journalists and media from Belarus and Russia. To ease the arrival in a new environment, the JX Fund has supported the setup of several co-working and co-production spaces in Berlin, covering the different needs of editorial teams and freelancers.

These workspaces provide necessary office equipment, meeting rooms, recording and editing suites, reliable internet, and well-thought-out security concepts. At the same time, the locations offer opportunities to exchange and network with German and international colleagues, as well as consulting services on topics such as tax law and fundraising, and technical training.

  • Implementation: Journalists in Need Network (jinn), n-ost, MiCT
  • Runtime: established 2022

Supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM).

We are delighted that the workspaces continue to welcome journalists and media beyond the end of the projects’ runtime: (ongoing project)