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Media communities in exile are often scattered around the world as they struggle to integrate into new markets. The JX Fund facilitates peer-to-peer exchanges within and beyond exiled media communities to support the establishment of sustainable transnational networks.


The Symposium, held in December 2023 in Berlin, marked one of the first major gatherings of Afghan media professionals in exile following the Taliban’s resurgence. Amidst escalating repression against independent media in Afghanistan, the symposium brought together over 120 exiled Afghan journalists living in different parts of the world to discuss the challenges they face and chart future paths. Speakers such as Zahra Nader from Zan Times and Lotfullah Najafizada from Amu TV highlighted the critical need for collaboration, adaptation, and diversification within the exiled media landscape. Issues ranging from safety protocols for journalists in Afghanistan to the importance of diversifying content and addressing the needs of marginalized groups were extensively deliberated.

  • Implementation: JX Fund
  • Event date: December 2023

Supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM).

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The Klebnikov Fellowship Program aims to offer a platform for Belarusian and Russian independent media in exile to engage with leading U.S. journalists and publishers. Through a series of nine online seminars, fellows explore topics such as business strategies, ethics, and editorial standards. Notable speakers like Ben Smith from Semafor and Emily Bell from the Tow Center provide insights into digital innovation and navigating evolving media landscapes. The program also emphasizes the importance of ethical reporting, with sessions led by experts like Bruce Shapiro from the Dart Center. By facilitating cross-border dialogue and knowledge exchange, the fellowship aims to empower exiled media outlets to strengthen their editorial practices and build sustainable networks for the future.

  • Implementation: Harriman Institute, Columbia Journalism School, JX Fund
  • Runtime: May – August 2024

The JX Fund organizes closed online meetings with representatives of exiled media from different countries. Are you interested to connect with your colleagues?

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