• Projects

The JX Fund awards grants of varying amounts to help media outlets in exile get back on their feet. The outlets are selected based on transparent criteria and the advice of an expert committee that meets on a regular basis.

Financial support is awarded both to media outlets that were already established in their countries of origin and which had clearly defined audiences, as well as to outlets that have developed new models for their work in exile and are in a start-up phase. The prerequisite for applying is a clear and workable editorial concept and a medium-term financial and strategic plan for further development and strengthening of the medium.

The duration of the funding, maximum grant sums, and additional conditions vary with each funding round. Applicants can apply for and receive funding more than once. The decision to fund a project, as well as how much to award, is made by a rotating five-person international expert committee on the basis of transparent selection criteria.

To date, the regional programs for media outlets in exile from Afghanistan, Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine have provided 68 editorial teams with financial support. These editorial teams are working in more than 25 different countries.

Project period: ongoing (since April 2022)

Support for media with a connection to Germany is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM).