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“BoostYourMedia: Ukraine Incubator” provided 10 Ukrainian media outlets with individualized support with setting up and maintaining sustainable structures in times of war. The program was aimed at media outlets with an international audience and editorial teams working with hybrid practices.

Russia’s war of aggression has had devastating effects on the Ukrainian media landscape. Editorial teams in the country must contend with regular power outages and disruptions to internet service, which hamper production and publication processes. At the same time, most of the income streams for the media (such as advertising revenue and subscriptions) have run dry, and a large number of media workers have had to leave the country because of the war.


The program “BoostYourMedia: Ukraine Incubator” provided support to ten Ukrainian media outlets, helping them to set up and maintain sustainable editorial structures. With the help of individualized consulting services, these media outlets were able to produce high-quality content and develop tailored approaches to a range of publication forms and topics.

The program was kicked off with a workshop in which financial sustainability and project acquisition were identified as key areas to focus on. Based on these discussions, several workshops were designed, which were then implemented in collaboration with partner organizations and experts in the field. Given the highly diverse nature of the needs and experiences of the editorial teams, additional support was provided on an individual basis. The program also focused on establishing connections between the participants.

Project period: November 2022–February 2023
Project partner: n-ost

The project was supported by funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM).