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The “Berlin Incubator for Media in Exile” (BIMEX) supports independent media outlets from Belarus and Russia to develop strategies for their work in exile. The focus of BIMEX is on providing knowledge to help exiles navigate the first steps of resettlement, as well as to build sustainable media outlets in exile.

Media outlets in exile need access to a whole host of information: What is the right legal form for my organization? What publication channels should the organization use? What kind of funding models might suit it best? How can we establish links with local media outlets?


BIMEX worked together with partner organizations to offer compact workshops in Berlin and Brussels, providing media outlets in exile with the knowledge they needed to successfully (re)launch their businesses. To date, 7 media outlets have taken part in the program, with 2–5 journalists participating from each outlet. The workshop content included:

  • Needs analyses of media outlets in exile
  • Fundraising basics for Germany and the EU
  • Strategic planning and setting goals
  • Developing business models
  • Grants management
  • Labor and tax law
  • Pitch training
  • Business communication and networking with local media organizations

At the closing conference in December 2022, the needs for the following year were assessed, and strategic guidelines for sustainable development were drawn up. This resulted in the project being extended into the first quarter of 2023, with the support of the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Project period: August 2022 – March 2023
Project partner: Journalists in Need (jinn)

The project was supported by funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM).