When journalists and media outlets are forced to leave their home countries due to political persecution or war, the JX Fund supports them in resuming their journalistic work from exile. Our goal is to contribute to the emergence of a sustainable exile media landscape. To achieve this, we constantly assess the needs of journalists in exile, survey the available resources, and develop projects together with partners that respond to the current challenges and conditions.



Why we support journalism in exile:

Independent media and journalists are needed most in the very places where they face repression and persecution. Without them, democratic discourse dwindles. And this discourse is the foundation of the freedom of information and expression. When media outlets in exile are able to reach audiences back in their countries of origin, they ensure that independent information remains available where the governments are trying to silence them. As such, the existence of independent media in exile acts as an effective counterweight to propaganda and disinformation.

When we step in:

Reporting is not a crime. When entire editorial teams have to leave their home country  due to repressive laws and legal threats, it’s important that they are able to continue their reporting in exile seamlessly. The JX Fund supports media outlets in exile at every step of the way – filling a previous gap in support. The efforts of the JX Fund range from resolving humanitarian difficulties in the initial arrival phase (such as residence permits, health insurance, psychological support) through to consulting on business and funding models that are tailored to the media market of their current country of residence, and developing effective strategies to ensure that they can continue to reach their target audiences back home. The overarching objective is to rebuild a sustainable media landscape in exile.

How we develop our programs:

The country-specific programs of the JX Fund are tailored to the specific needs of the (exile) media from specific countries. They are developed in regular dialogue with the editorial teams in exile and in close collaboration with our partner organizations.. Nevertheless, a program that was developed for one particular country cannot simply be transferred to another one. There can be stark differences from country to country in the existing support programs as well as in the challenges faced by journalists, creating an entirely different set of needs.

Which countries we support:

The JX Fund currently has programs to support media outlets from Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine. We plan on setting up additional programs in 2023.

Our journalistic values:

The media outlets in exile that we support at the JX Fund are independent, and must ascribe to the Munich Charter of Ethics on the duties and rights of journalists. This Charter includes values such as respecting the freedom of information and expression, and the obligation to independently verify information and to publish corrections when errors occur. Independent journalists should strive to contribute to an open, democratic discourse and to enrich this discourse with well-researched information.


As an international hub for journalism in exile, the JX Fund is a junction for various organizations and experts from around the world. Together with our partners, we develop needs-based programs for media outlets and journalists, in order to support them through the various stages of setting up sustainable editorial structures in exile.

Arrival in Exile

Exile usually comes unexpectedly, even if it is the result of a long period of pressure. Persecuted journalists often must make far-reaching decisions for themselves, their families and their media under great stress and time pressure. They need support with residence law and many everyday issues.

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Media Setup

During their setup phase, exiled media outlets face numerous challenges, ranging from organizational and financial hurdles to the (re)establishment of sustainable editorial structures. This critical period requires tailored support to enable these outlets to navigate the complexities of exile and lay a strong foundation for their operations.

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Financial Support

The JX Fund provides grants of varying amounts to support exiled media outlets in rebuilding their operations. To date, within the frameworks of the four running regional programs, the JX Fund have provided 72 exiled editorial teams from Afghanistan, Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine with financial assistance.


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Safe Workspaces

For most exiled media professionals, working in their new location often begins in makeshift and inadequate environments, leading to significant disruptions in the production process over time. To address this issue, the JX Fund has supported the setup of several co-working and co-production spaces.

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In today’s rapidly changing media landscape, media organizations need to adapt quickly and be creative to generate revenue and continue reaching their audiences. For exiled media, these challenges are even greater due to the additional obstacles they face while operating from exile. The JX Fund provides them with targeted support.

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Tools & Partners

Exiled media are challenged to innovate their production and research methods while operating from abroad. Building local and international partnerships is crucial for market integration and access to diverse resources. The JX Fund has launched several projects to enhance content production and foster transnational collaboration.

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Community Building

Media communities in exile are often scattered around the world and must integrate into new markets. The JX Fund facilitates peer-to-peer exchanges within and beyond exiled media communities to support the establishment of sustainable transnational networks.

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Legal Advice

Exiled journalists not only confront threats from their home countries but also navigate complex legal frameworks in their countries of exile, making legal support indispensable for (re)establishing their media outlets and defending their rights.

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Mental Health

The JX Fund facilitates psychological support for exiled journalists who confront a multitude of stressors, including transnational repression, financial insecurities, job instability, concerns for family and friends, and the diverse traumas associated with forced displacement.

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Expertise & Research

The phenomenon of journalism in exile has emerged as a significant global trend in recent years. The JX Fund utilizes modern tools for recording, monitoring, and analyzing the performance and needs of entire exiled media communities. Our data-driven studies target researchers, donors, politicians, journalists, and the exiled media themselves.

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We receive numerous requests from media in exile worldwide and strive to address each one promptly. Our extensive database of international support opportunities continues to expand, enabling us to offer advice even when direct assistance isn’t feasible. Please share your information with us!

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Project Ideas?

The JX Fund continually evaluates the situation and requirements of exiled media outlets to develop its programs. Our projects are designed to address gaps in current support systems and remain responsive to emerging needs. Do you have a project idea or are interested in collaboration? We look forward to receiving your message!

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The JX Fund awards grants of varying amounts to help media outlets rebuild their operations in exile. The process of deciding which organizations receive funding is guided by transparent selection criteria and the advice of a panel of experts. The make-up of this five-person committee is changed twice a year, with the members chosen on the basis of their regional knowledge, journalistic experience, and their expertise in media development. The members of the expert committee initially assess the applications individually before submitting their assessments anonymously for the entire committee to discuss. Final decisions are then put to a vote.



The JX Fund supports media outlets and journalists who meet the following criteria:

  • The outlet / journalist is unable to carry out their work in their home country due to political persecution or repression.
  • The outlet / journalist has published work in their country of origin or their current country of residence within the last six months.
  • The outlet / journalist has no connection to political parties or institutions.
  • The support provided would allow the outlet/journalist to resume their journalistic work.
  • The publishing work of the outlet/journalist is in keeping with the Munich Declaration of the Duties and Rights of Journalists

The kinds of support we provide

The JX Fund distinguishes between three different kinds of support, which are designed to be complementary. Together, these funding streams aim to facilitate the sustainable rebuilding of independent editorial structures in exile.


Together with our partner organizations, the JX Fund analyzes the needs of media outlets in exile. When media outlets and journalists get in touch with us, we can then link them up with pre-existing aid programs. To assist in this work, we maintain a database that collates the services offered by various institutions, civil society organizations, and individuals.


The JX Fund awards grants of varying amounts to support media outlets in rebuilding their operations in exile. The decision on which media outlets to support is based on transparent criteria (outlined below), and on advice from a five-person expert committee. The committee meets on a regular basis to discuss applications and brings together expertise from a range of fields.


To support editorial teams to develop sustainable and financially viable media organizations, the JX Fund and its partner organizations develop projects in response to the acute needs of journalists in exile , such as the information platform “Shpargalka” or the media incubator “BIMEX”.

Selection criteria

The objective of the JX Fund is to make a broad range of  independent journalists and media outlets in exile heard by as many people as possible in their countries of origin. The selection criteria and processes vary from project to project. We employ the following criteria when deciding whether or not to provide financial support:


Is the proposed project viable?


Does the project meet our journalistic standards?

Potential reach

Can the media outlet reach its target audience?


Does the media outlet have the potential to establish itself in its media market for the long term?


Does the media outlet contribute to a diversity of voices through its content and its publishing formats?