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Dangerous Times for Journalists Reporting Inside Russia

  • SBS News
  • Lera Shvets, Biwa Kwan

With 29 journalists currently imprisoned, and 280 journalists and media organisations proclaimed “foreign agents”, Russia sits almost at the bottom of the Press Freedom Index. Even for those in exile, the danger remains.

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Russian journalists in Exile Are Sending a Critical Message

  • The Washington Post
  • Lee Hockstader

In exile, once-profitable independent Russian media outlets have been severed from what had been their main base of subscribers and advertisers, who are forbidden from supporting them. Their business models are no longer viable.

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No Safe Places for Exiled Russian Journalists

  • Arte

An estimated 1,000 Russian journalists have gone into exile to escape the threat of prosecution in their home country. In Europe, many believe they are safe. But in April, the suspected poison attacks on two journalists and an opposition activist became known. One of them is Elena Kostyuchenko, a well-known Russian journalist with great resonance.

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