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Turkey’s Transnational Repression: 2023 in Review

  • Turkish Minute

From spying through diplomatic missions and pro-government diaspora organizations to denial of consular services and outright intimidation and illegal renditions, the Turkish government has been using a wide range of tactics against its critics overseas.

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What is Home In the Age of Exile?

  • Politico
  • Tatyana Margolin

Tatyana Margolin, co-founder of STROIKA, emphasizes the urgent need for redefining ‘home’ and the necessity of crafting new concepts of belonging in an era marked by transnational repression and forced migration. A call to reimagine ‘home’ beyond geographical confines.

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Nieman Lab: Predictions for Journalism in 2024

  • Nieman Lab
  • Lynette Clemetson

As American journalism focuses on reviving local news, building connected ecosystems, and targeting infusions of philanthropic support, one of the biggest growth areas for journalism in the coming year is one that none of us would wish for — the journalism of the displaced.

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Cinthia Membreño on the Global Network for Journalists in Exile

  • Columbia Journalism Review
  • Ayodeji Rotinwa

The exiled Nicaraguan media outlet Confidencial cofounded the Network of Exiled Media Organizations (NEMO). The members share best practices on how to produce journalism in circumstances where they are cut off from their sources and audience, and offer one another technical advice and moral support.

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