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Exile Offers Little Protection for Russian Journalists

  • VOA
  • Liam Scott

When Russia imposed harsh laws on reporters covering its invasion of Ukraine, dozens fled. But physical distance doesn’t always keep exiled journalists safe. The American journalist Liam Scott met some of them in Berlin. Watch his full video report on security for Russian journalists in exile here.

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Poland Cuts Financing for Exiled Belarusian Media

  • The Kyiv Independen
  • Maria Yeryoma

The International Press Institute has urged Poland’s Foreign Ministry to reconsider its decision to cut the financing of Belsat, a flagship Belarusian-language broadcaster operating within Poland’s public television service (TVP), amid growing concern about the survival of exiled Belarusian media. With the budget slashed, Belsat is not alone in being in a precarious state.

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Russia Ramps up Pressure on Media and Journalists in Exile

  • International Press Institute

In the first two months of 2024, the Russian parliament has approved new laws ramping up pressure on journalists and public figures critical of the war on Ukraine. The new laws were adopted two years after the enactment of wartime censorship in Russia, which forced many independent journalists to flee.

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Dangerous Times for Journalists Reporting Inside Russia

  • SBS News
  • Lera Shvets, Biwa Kwan

With 29 journalists currently imprisoned, and 280 journalists and media organisations proclaimed “foreign agents”, Russia sits almost at the bottom of the Press Freedom Index. Even for those in exile, the danger remains.

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Russian journalists in Exile Are Sending a Critical Message

  • The Washington Post
  • Lee Hockstader

In exile, once-profitable independent Russian media outlets have been severed from what had been their main base of subscribers and advertisers, who are forbidden from supporting them. Their business models are no longer viable.

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Belarusian Journalists Coping with Trauma

  • International Journalists’ Network
  • Adaria Sugonyako

Belarusian independent journalists have been through a lot since 2020. Many journalists have been forced into exile. A lot of media workers today are in need of mental health support. Belarusian Journalists share their experiences coping with trauma.

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