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Afghanistan: An Online Magazine for Women

  • Deutsche Welle
  • Shabnam von Hein

Brave Afghan women are advocating for their rights under the rule of the radical Taliban. The online magazine Zan Times, published by a group of female Afghan journalists, aims to inform the public.

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2023 Democracy Award for Afghan Independent Media

  • National Endowment for Democracy
  • Sarah Hutson

Afghanistan’s once thriving media sector has been facing myriad challenges under Taliban rule. Despite all challenges, however, Afghan journalists continue to produce factual, objective news.

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Resisting After Two Years of Taliban Persecution

  • Reporters Without Borders INT

Media outlets shrink, but resilience endures, particularly in exile. Afghan journalists defy Taliban repression, yet women encounter heightened challenges. RSF plays a vital role in providing support.

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US: Promises to Afghanistan’s Women Journalists

  • The Hill
  • Devon Cone, Salma Niazi

The US initiated a resettlement program for Afghan citizens, but the process has been delayed, leaving many women journalists in precarious conditions in Pakistan. The author calls for alternatives.

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