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Needs Assessment Report of Afghan Journalists

  • Afghanistan Journalists Support Organization

The Afghanistan Journalists Support Organization (AJSO) has published its findings from a survey in which 310 Afghan journalists, both in Afghanistan and in exile, participated. The new report mainly focuses on the needs of journalists in capacity building.

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Please Glorify the Government

  • Tagesspiegel
  • Alisher Shahir

The Taliban claim that there is freedom of the press in the country. Even Western Youtubers are allowed to come – if they report positively and adhere to strict conditions.

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Can Journalism Survive the Taliban?

  • The Guardian

The Etilaat Roz was once the most widely circulated newspaper in Kabul, but everything changed in August 2021 when the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan. In this unique video diary, journalist Abbas Rezaie follows the tenacious correspondents as they continue to report the news.

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Afghan Repression Continues to Intensify

  • RSF

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is alarmed by a worrying increase in the restrictions imposed on journalists, with authoritarian directives on women journalists’ dress, restrictions on women’s access to the audiovisual media and a ban on filming or photographing Taliban officials.

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“I Have Learned to Never Give Up”

  • Institute of War & Peace Reporting
  • Zahra Nader

Zahra Nader ist the founder and editor-in-chief of the Afghan Magazine Zan Times. For the Institute of War & Peace Reporting she reflects on her mission and shares what helps her to keep fighting for equality and justice in Afghanistan.

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Afghanistan’s Media Crisis

  • JSK Fellows
  • Faisal Karimi

The journalism landscape in Afghanistan has undergone a significant and distressing transformation following the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan and the return of the Taliban to power in August 2021.

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From Afghanistan to Bruchhausen-Vilsen

  • Weser Kurier
  • Ivonne Wolfgramm

Former Afghan journalist Hedayatullah Zyarmal, who now lives in Bruchhausen-Vilsen, talks about his desire to continue his media work and the hurdles he has to overcome.

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2023 Democracy Award for Afghan Independent Media

  • National Endowment for Democracy
  • Sarah Hutson

Afghanistan’s once thriving media sector has been facing myriad challenges under Taliban rule. Despite all challenges, however, Afghan journalists continue to produce factual, objective news.

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Resisting After Two Years of Taliban Persecution

  • Reporters Without Borders INT

Media outlets shrink, but resilience endures, particularly in exile. Afghan journalists defy Taliban repression, yet women encounter heightened challenges. RSF plays a vital role in providing support.

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