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How Russia Pressures Exiled Journalists and Activists

  • The Moscow Times

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, there have been numerous scandals related to the surveillance of Russians abroad by Moscow’s intelligence services and alleged Russian spies working in foreign countries. Investigative journalist Andrei Soldatov joins us to discuss how Russian intelligence services operate abroad and how they put pressure on journalists, activists, and public figures living in exile.

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Jailed Journalist Numbers Near Record High

  • Committee to Protect Journalists
  • Arlene Getz

The CPJ’s 2023 prison census highlights China, Myanmar, Belarus, Russia, Vietnam, Iran and Israel as leading jailers, with 320 journalists globally. This report exposes harsh realities, emphasizing the urgent need for global attention to protect press freedom.

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Nieman Lab: Predictions for Journalism in 2024

  • Nieman Lab
  • Lynette Clemetson

As American journalism focuses on reviving local news, building connected ecosystems, and targeting infusions of philanthropic support, one of the biggest growth areas for journalism in the coming year is one that none of us would wish for — the journalism of the displaced.

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Exiled Journalism Worldwide

Turkey’s Transnational Repression: 2023 in Review

  • Turkish Minute

From spying through diplomatic missions and pro-government diaspora organizations to denial of consular services and outright intimidation and illegal renditions, the Turkish government has been using a wide range of tactics against its critics overseas.

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What is Home In the Age of Exile?

  • Politico
  • Tatyana Margolin

Tatyana Margolin, co-founder of STROIKA, emphasizes the urgent need for redefining ‘home’ and the necessity of crafting new concepts of belonging in an era marked by transnational repression and forced migration. A call to reimagine ‘home’ beyond geographical confines.

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“Disruption requires adjustment. But adjustment doesn’t mean to compromise on your values and principles. It is an adjustment in your approach. We must come up with creative solutions to a) advance our increasing difficulty in access to information and b) ensure the Afghan people are informed and empowered through affordable means of content consumption.”

Lotfullah Najafizada, Amu TV  

Guides & Toolkits

Displaced Journalists in the Newsroom: A Guide

  • The Refugee Journalism Project

The Refugee Journalism Project (RJP) has developed a toolkit which provides initial guidelines for media organizations to collaborate with journalists with forced migration backgrounds.

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Survival Strategies for Exiled Investigative Media

  • Global Investigative Journalism Network
  • Laura Oliver

Exiled investigative newsrooms are advised to establish emergency action plans. Seeking support when safe and demonstrating the importance of the work can contribute to sustaining operations in exile.

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Research & Studies

Governments Engage in Transnational Repression

  • Freedom House

More than 20 percent of the world’s national governments have reached beyond their borders since 2014 to forcibly silence exiled political activists, journalists, former regime insiders, and members of ethnic or religious minorities.

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Calls & Events

Nordic Media Grants Programme Belarus

  • Deadline: 02/25/2024

The “Nordic Media Grants Programme” for Belarus supports Belarusian independent journalism and media arts initiatives and facilitates the production of high-quality, trustworthy and diverse content for Belarusian people on the developments in the country.

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European Cross-Border Grants

  • Deadline: 02/29/2024

The “European Cross-Border Grant” program supports teams of professional journalists and/or news outlets with ideas for relevant cross-border investigations or research on European topics. The grant covers all expenses for journalistic research; including travel, translation, access to paid databases, or dedicated time.

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International Journalism Festival

  • 04/17/2024 – 04/21/2024
  • Perugia, Italy

The International Journalism Festival in Perugia, Italy is the biggest annual media event in Europe. The 2023 festival had 188 sessions and 539 speakers in the 5-day programme. All sessions are free for all attendees, without tickets and without registration.

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Country Focus: Afghanistan

Afghanistan: An Online Magazine for Women

  • Deutsche Welle
  • Shabnam von Hein

Brave Afghan women are advocating for their rights under the rule of the radical Taliban. The online magazine Zan Times, published by a group of female Afghan journalists, aims to inform the public.

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Country Focus: Belarus

Belarusian Journalists Coping with Trauma

  • International Journalists’ Network
  • Adaria Sugonyako

Belarusian independent journalists have been through a lot since 2020. Many journalists have been forced into exile. A lot of media workers today are in need of mental health support. Belarusian Journalists share their experiences coping with trauma.

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Country Focus: Russia

Dangerous Times for Journalists Reporting Inside Russia

  • SBS News
  • Lera Shvets, Biwa Kwan

With 29 journalists currently imprisoned, and 280 journalists and media organisations proclaimed “foreign agents”, Russia sits almost at the bottom of the Press Freedom Index. Even for those in exile, the danger remains.

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Russian journalists in Exile Are Sending a Critical Message

  • The Washington Post
  • Lee Hockstader

In exile, once-profitable independent Russian media outlets have been severed from what had been their main base of subscribers and advertisers, who are forbidden from supporting them. Their business models are no longer viable.

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