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Cinthia Membreño on the Global Network for Journalists in Exile

  • Columbia Journalism Review
  • Ayodeji Rotinwa

In 2022, the exiled Nicaraguan media outlet Confidencial cofounded the Network of Exiled Media Organizations (NEMO). The members share best practices on how to produce journalism in circumstances where they are cut off from their sources and audience, and offer one another technical advice and moral support. They also, crucially, share tips on how to run a sustainable business while operating at a remove from the people they cover.

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Exiled Journalism Worldwide

“We should not allow islands of lawlessness and dictatorship to flourish anywhere on this earth, just because they seem far from us. Like a pandemic or a cancer, it will spread and contaminate other localities and regions.”

Ferdinand Ayité, Exiled Journalist from Togo

Guides & Toolkits

Survival Strategies for Exiled Investigative Media

  • Global Investigative Journalism Network
  • Laura Oliver

Exiled investigative newsrooms are advised to establish emergency action plans. Seeking support when safe and demonstrating the importance of the work can contribute to sustaining operations in exile.

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Displaced Journalists in the Newsroom: A Guide

  • The Refugee Journalism Project

The Refugee Journalism Project (RJP) has developed a toolkit which provides initial guidelines for media organizations to collaborate with journalists with forced migration backgrounds.

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Research & Studies

Country Focus: Afghanistan

Country Focus: Belarus

Belarusian Journalists Strive to Keep Reporting

  • Voice of America
  • Liam Scott

The Belarusian outlet, labeled ‘extremist’, faces trials. The team, now in exile, launches Zerkalo, aiming to continue reporting on Belarus, highlighting truth amid Lukashenko’s crackdown.

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Country Focus: Russia