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Tackling Disinformation

  • DW Akademie

Tackling Disinformation: A Learning Guide offers insights for evaluating media development activities and rethinking approaches to disinformation, alongside practical solutions and expert advice, with a focus on the Global South and Eastern Europe.

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How Russian Media Makers in Exile Are Redefining Radio

  • The Fix
  • Veronica Snoj

Podcast radios are becoming a new media niche in the Russian media landscape challenged by war-reinforced oppression. The Fix talked with Maksim Kurnikov, the head of Ekho Online, which was the first in the Russian media landscape to launch such a service, and Polina Filippova, the producer of podcasts of Radio Sakharov, which has been operating for a year.

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Exiled Journalism As A New Media Reality

  • Deutschlandfunk Kultur
  • Angelina Davydova

Russian journalist Angelina Davydova has left her home country and is now analyzing the situation in Russia from Berlin. Exiled journalism has become an important factor in the global media landscape, she says.

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Exiled Media Toolkit

  • International Journalists‘ Network

In partnership with the Network of Exiled Media Outlets (NEMO) the International Journalists‘ Network compiled an Exiled Media Toolkit, that brings resources to journalists and outlets established or preparing to be in exile, as they report on communities and events in their home countries.

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These Writers Are Not Giving Up

  • The Guardian
  • Lauren Mechling

With layoffs ramping up across the media industry, reporters are trying a new model: co-operative newsrooms of their own. Will worker-owned collectives ever generate enough money to justify all the effort?

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Russian journalists in Exile Are Sending a Critical Message

  • The Washington Post
  • Lee Hockstader

In exile, once-profitable independent Russian media outlets have been severed from what had been their main base of subscribers and advertisers, who are forbidden from supporting them. Their business models are no longer viable.

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What is Home In the Age of Exile?

  • Politico
  • Tatyana Margolin

Tatyana Margolin, co-founder of STROIKA, emphasizes the urgent need for redefining ‚home‘ and the necessity of crafting new concepts of belonging in an era marked by transnational repression and forced migration. A call to reimagine ‚home‘ beyond geographical confines.

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Nieman Lab: Predictions for Journalism in 2024

  • Nieman Lab
  • Lynette Clemetson

As American journalism focuses on reviving local news, building connected ecosystems, and targeting infusions of philanthropic support, one of the biggest growth areas for journalism in the coming year is one that none of us would wish for — the journalism of the displaced.

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Survival Strategies for Exiled Investigative Media

  • Global Investigative Journalism Network
  • Laura Oliver

Exiled investigative newsrooms are advised to establish emergency action plans. Seeking support when safe and demonstrating the importance of the work can contribute to sustaining operations in exile.

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