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Russian journalists in Exile Are Sending a Critical Message

  • The Washington Post
  • Lee Hockstader

In exile, once-profitable independent Russian media outlets have been severed from what had been their main base of subscribers and advertisers, who are forbidden from supporting them. Their business models are no longer viable.

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What is Home In the Age of Exile?

  • Politico
  • Tatyana Margolin

Tatyana Margolin, co-founder of STROIKA, emphasizes the urgent need for redefining ‚home‘ and the necessity of crafting new concepts of belonging in an era marked by transnational repression and forced migration. A call to reimagine ‚home‘ beyond geographical confines.

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Nieman Lab: Predictions for Journalism in 2024

  • Nieman Lab
  • Lynette Clemetson

As American journalism focuses on reviving local news, building connected ecosystems, and targeting infusions of philanthropic support, one of the biggest growth areas for journalism in the coming year is one that none of us would wish for — the journalism of the displaced.

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US: Promises to Afghanistan’s Women Journalists

  • The Hill
  • Devon Cone, Salma Niazi

The US initiated a resettlement program for Afghan citizens, but the process has been delayed, leaving many women journalists in precarious conditions in Pakistan. The author calls for alternatives.

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Tamina Kutscher: Hoping for a Different Russia

  • Deutschlandfunk Kultur
  • Tamina Kutscher

In the podcast Politisches Feuilleton, Kutscher emphasizes the need for the West to bolster dissidents, asserting that a liberal Russia would serve as a security guarantee for all of Europe.

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Journalism in Exile: Lessons from Germany 2022

  • Sueddeutsche Zeitung
  • Katja Gloger, Georg Mascolo

Many refugee journalists from Russia and Belarus, chroniclers of current events, would like to work from Berlin. But Germany makes it difficult for them, according to the authors.

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