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Mental Health Support For Exiled Journalists

  • International Journalists‘ Network
  • Sudeshna Chanda

For journalists living in exile, emotional stress and trauma cannot be discounted. Leaving one’s home is never easy, and the mental toll is more excruciating when forced to flee. Here are three levels of support to consider when looking after your mental health as a journalist in exile.

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Authoritarians Threaten Journalists Around the Globe

  • The Wallstreet Journal
  • Matthew Dalton, Jack Gillum

From Vladimir Putin in Russia to the theocrats in Iran, authoritarian leaders are increasingly shutting down independent media and locking up reporters, with hundreds of journalists now in jail around the globe.

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2023: A Very Bad Year for Press Freedom

  • vox.com
  • Caroline Houck

Journalism has never been a safe profession, but the last couple of years have felt particularly grim. For vox.com Caroline Houck took a closer look on the dangers faced by journalists globally and reveals a disturbing trend of attacks on journalism worldwide.

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The Plight of Guatemalas Exiled Journalists

  • The Latin American Post

The precarious situation of journalists forced to flee Guatemala, despite recent political changes, exposes the broader struggle for press freedom in Latin America, revealing systemic issues that continue to undermine democratic principles and silence critical voices.

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The Main Problems Exiled Journalists are Facing

  • Reuters Institute
  • Laura Dulce Romero

At least 460 journalists left their home countries in 2023. Exiled reporters from Afghanistan, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Ukraine share their challenges in this longread on exiled journalism, Laura Dulce Romero wrote for Reuters Institute. Solutions included!

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Poland Cuts Financing for Exiled Belarusian Media

  • The Kyiv Independen
  • Maria Yeryoma

The International Press Institute has urged Poland’s Foreign Ministry to reconsider its decision to cut the financing of Belsat, a flagship Belarusian-language broadcaster operating within Poland’s public television service (TVP), amid growing concern about the survival of exiled Belarusian media. With the budget slashed, Belsat is not alone in being in a precarious state.

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Afghan Repression Continues to Intensify

  • RSF

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is alarmed by a worrying increase in the restrictions imposed on journalists, with authoritarian directives on women journalists‘ dress, restrictions on women’s access to the audiovisual media and a ban on filming or photographing Taliban officials.

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Russia Ramps up Pressure on Media and Journalists in Exile

  • International Press Institute

In the first two months of 2024, the Russian parliament has approved new laws ramping up pressure on journalists and public figures critical of the war on Ukraine. The new laws were adopted two years after the enactment of wartime censorship in Russia, which forced many independent journalists to flee.

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Safeguarding Women Journalists in the Digital Age

  • Media Freedom Rapid Response

In 2023, female journalists faced a disproportionate number of verbal attacks, especially online. The MFRR partners call for collaborative efforts to protect their rights and foster a society free from discrimination.

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How to Identify and Investigate AI Audio Deepfakes

  • Global Investigative Journalism Network
  • Rowan Philp

Recent research suggests that, in general, about half of the public can’t tell the difference between real and AI-generated imagery, and that voters cannot reliably detect speech deepfakes. Here’s a step-by-step process for analyzing potential audio deepfakes.

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Dangerous Times for Journalists Reporting Inside Russia

  • SBS News
  • Lera Shvets, Biwa Kwan

With 29 journalists currently imprisoned, and 280 journalists and media organisations proclaimed „foreign agents“, Russia sits almost at the bottom of the Press Freedom Index. Even for those in exile, the danger remains.

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From Exile, Myanmar’s Media Navigate Risks to Get News

  • Voice of America
  • Arash Arabasadi

Three years into Myanmar’s military rule, the country’s journalists are rebuilding newsrooms in exile and finding ways to keep sources safe, while accessing news about the conflict between the junta and the resistance movement.

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